SimpleJTA - A Simple Java Transaction Manager


SimpleJTA implements a standalone JTA compliant Transaction Manager. It is primarily designed to be used when a J2EE server is not available, for example, in Servlet applications, or standalone Java programs.

SimpleJTA is being developed and tested with Oracle 9i and Apache Derby database management systems. It is fairly easy to add support for other database systems that support the XA interface.

Project News

9-Apr-07 Version 1.07 released. This is a bug-fix release.
10-Apr-07 Version 2.0.2 (alpha quality) released. SimpleJTA has been refactored to use SpringFramework internally for managing configuration. User Guide and Build instructions have been updated (see below for links).
25-Feb-07 SimpleJTA source code is now hosted at SourceForge instead of


Source Code

SimpleJTA source code is now hosted at SourceForge.



If you would like to participate in this project, please contact me at dibyendu at mazumdar dot demon dot co dot uk. Logo